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Bill Search provides users the opportunity to view real estate, special assessment, individual, and business personal property tax bills.

Registered Motor Vehicles (RMV) - RMV tax bills are not included in this lookup. For information on registered motor vehicle tax bills, contact Charmeck 311 if calling within Mecklenburg County, or dial 704-336-4600 for calls originating outside of Mecklenburg County.

Real Property Tax Liens from Revaluation Review - Session Law 2013-362 (SL-362) of North Carolina General Assembly was signed into law by Governor Pat McCrory on July 26,2013. Provisions of this legislation require Mecklenburg County to review real property values from the 2011 General Revaluation. Pursuant to SL-362 Mecklenburg County has retained a qualified appraisal service to review the values of all parcels in the County and is in the process of adjusting values for 2011 and subsequent years. Values that are decreased as a result of the review may result in refunds of overpayment of prior year taxes paid. Values that are increased as a result of the review may result in tax liens and assessments of additional taxes owed for 2011 and subsequent years. Attorneys, real estate professionals, prospective buyers and sellers should research the consequences SL-362 may have on any real estate transaction in Mecklenburg County.

The information contained in the Property Tax System, with the exception of SL-362 implications as noted above, is an accurate reflection of Mecklenburg County tax records.
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